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A charter from Guadeloupe, taking in its surrounding islands of Marie Galante and Les Saintes, will show you a wonderful combination of lush rain forests, bustling cities and secluded beaches. You set the pace. If you’re looking for short, but exhilirating sails between islands or longer stints on the water, you just sent the itinerary accordingly.

Famous for being shaped like the wings of a butterfly, the main port and town (Ponte a Pitre)of Guadeloupe is positioned almost between the two wings. Guadeloupe is one of the larger islands in the Lesser Antilles and there are several anchorages around the coast line. The island to the east is relatively dry and rocky edged with white sandy beaches and famous for its cane fields. This is known as Grande Terre. While to the west, Basse Terre, is much more mountainous and rich in vegetation fed by several rivers and waterfalls. Basse Terre is also host to many world class dive sites.

Marie Galante, which is approximately 20 miles away, also offers fantastic diving and snorkelling on its barrier reef.

Iles de Saintes is actually a cluster of eight islands, and is a little off the beatern path. The most interesting of these is Terre de Haute. The scuba diving here is absolutely spectacular and suitable for even the least experienced diver. Les Saintes have played host to Jacques Souste and Pigeon Island is the home of the Jacques Cousteau’s marine sanctuary – a must see for the dive addict.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
Many excellent dive sites. Please see above.

How to Get There
Guadeloupe Pôle Caraibes Airport (PTP) in Point à Pitre. There are daily flights to trom France, Martinique, St Martin, Antigua, Cayenne, Miami, Atlanta, San Juan, Montreal, Havana, and St Lucia.


Euros are universally accepted. Major credit cards are generally accepted in hotels, restaurants and larger shops. These islands are a little piece of France in the West Indies.

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